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About Us

Cogitare Magazine, a publication by students at Grove City College, investigates the intersection of faith, culture, and politics. Cogitare holistically explores and defends the most sincere ideas and intentions of Christian conservatism, among other principles that involve the flourishing of the soul and of the Church. We seek to speak to matters both timely and timeless in light of He who is the Fullness of Time. We hold to the classical Christian acknowledgement that in all things, these relationships remain central: Man and God, and Man in community. We wish to foster these relationships via discussions that are both truthful and charitable. 

A central part of our mission, in fact, involves providing space for such discussions to occur. Cogitare, named for the Latin infinitive “to think,” promotes thoughtful dialogue and disagreement. We welcome a variety of viewpoints in these discussions, and we strive for intellectual hospitality. Any comments, responses, pitches, or other inquires may be directed to cogitaremag@gmail.com.  

We publish articles online every Monday and Thursday, and we publish a print edition once a semester, which is available on GCC’s campus.


Evalyn Summers, Editor-in-Chief

Julia Kistler, Associate Editor

Joseph Shin, Design Editor 

Anastasia Brown, Website Manager

Zander Bedingfield, Social Media Manager

Dr. Carl Trueman, Magazine Advisor

Staff Writers Spring 2023

Cara Scott

Ginger Schiffmayer

Judah-David Shay

Lily Savage

Samuel Hertzer

Anna Claire Puglia

Ransom Coffeen

Sarah Barker

Nathaniel Patton

Zander Bedingfield 

Brae Sadler

Anastasia Brown 

Taryn Chan



Emily Burke, Founder and Former Editor-in-Chief

Fiona Lacey, Founder and Former Managing Editor